It has come to my attention that I may have been a bit rash and let’s say rather nasty with my blog post yesterday. So here is a hearty and unreserved to my readership but, more importantly, a heartfelt apology to the one person I aimed my claws at.

You see I have a temper as most of us do but mine fires up very easily. Apart from that, when I get in a wrong mood, I subconsciously take everything, every comment and every action, the wrong way.

I know this is and will continue to cause issues. It is a legacy from a previous situation in my life that manages to sneak up on me every now and then. The silliness about it is I do not see these triggers until usually too late in the process.

I know this. It does not stop it though.

So this post is going to remain simple, uncomplicated and hopefully sound as though I mean my apology. I am sorry for my hot head and I will work on it.