Life finds the strangest ways and places to give you reflection time. Here I am sitting on a loaded trailer waiting for my co-driver to get back with the car after one of the tyres went flat. At the moment he is nursing it into the next town some eleven kilometers away.

Which leaves me eleven kilometers from anywhere by the side of the road. But instead of being worried by it, I get to look at the stars of this region for the first time in relative peace. There is no one around but the stars at out. The night is warm enough to be pleasant and the moon is full.

It reminds how vast, beautiful and, on the odd occasion, desolate this land can be. But mostly beautiful.

I forget to look up at the stars and it seems to me that the world take a special interest in making sure that I do it sometimes. The roar of a car can be heard in the distance, and then whoosh as it passes me. I wonder if they even noticed they had just passed a trailer sitting on the side of the road?

This planet is quite fascinating and it often tries to remind us of this fact. For me it took a one way trip of 450 kms and a flat tyre.

When was the last time you looked up at the sky and remembered the true beauty of this rock we live on?