365 / 45: Pollution – Is It All Our Fault?

We are told that we need to combat pollution every day. Do this, do that. Do not destroy the ozone layer any more than it already destroyed. Recycle, reuse etc. Trade, give away and share as much as possible. But….

But is the collapse of the environment the fault of the 20th century? We now have to do all the repair work for it given that land, air and water pollution is destroying the planet than anyone could have guessed. There are still people out there that claim that the exhaust from cars is the number one contributor. Should we go back in time a little to see if we can find other points in history where we have cared less for this plane?

Humanity has gone through many different ages from the bronze to the industrial age. The Industrial Age was the time when we learnt how to build machines. This is the first example of mass-production, but whilst we gained that we also built huge pieces of machinery that were grossly inefficient that seemed intent of spewing as much shit into the air as possible.

There was little concern for what these machines were doing, as we were so enamoured with the ability that we can make stuff. How much black smoke did these factories pump into the atmosphere back hundred years ago? For how long? How many coal-based factories ran? Is it possible that we are paying for damage caused over a long period of time?

Are we now trying to rectify this damage through making minor changes to our lifestyle? Is it at all possible to fix the problem considering that this has been happening for so long? Will not using pesticides and other chemicals stop the erosion of the land?

I would like to think that it is all possible to fix, but I seriously doubt that we can change enough, and quickly enough, to have the desired impact that the environment needs.

Will this stop me from trying? Not at all, but at least I understand, and will understand, when they say that the planet is dying and that we caused it.

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