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Today I was going to do something different and write a review of the book I am reading. I decided to have a look at the web to see if other people had done reviews of the series so far (obviously knowing that there would be potentially hundreds of them).

But here’s the thing – they differ SO badly between each other. It does not help My Rothfuss’ case that used a bad analogy in a blog post that set quite a few people off him either. So here they are – a good review and a bad review.
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Whilst on our way to pick up the kids from school, I saw three little conjoined, orange mushrooms. It got me to thinking rather quickly about whether little people live in those little mushrooms. A quirky little family of creatures that could fit in mushrooms obviously and their adventures they might have. (And if I see any children’s books around this topic in the near future I will blame you all. Consider it now copyrighted (!) to me.)

It comes from the concept of writing a play. Recently I found I had the capacity to write a small one act play and realised I enjoyed it even though the topic was interesting. The local drama group has a copy and keeps threatening to do a reading of it, which I still fear. Still then though, I have been thinking about writing a bigger, longer play with some cast and even some sets. So I have been thinking about a subject.
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Sharing Black Thoughts

Recently, I have been writing very dark and depressing stuff. Over the next couple of blogs I might share some of it with you. It seems to be coming from a depressed character but I have no idea what to do with the words that he tells me. I struggle to see how anybody would connect with such a character and what readability there is in it.

To some degree, and on an unfortunate angle, some of them originate from me and my state of mind lately but being a writer, it all turns a lot darker, a lot more morbid. I hesitate to think they are all coming from me, as I do not want to admit that the depression might be that bad.
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A Fly’s Agony

Flys. I dislike them. Most people dislike them; I would guess. And as you would, I spray them with a fly spray.
But do you ever think of what the fly must go through after that lethal dose of whatever brand of fly spray you use? Have you ever followed it around the house as it flys trying to get that shit off its back and wings and head and wherever else it is? Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be covered head to toe in a substance much like acid that you can not get off no matter what you do.
Obviously, I did, and I followed this poor fly around my apartment. But let me start at the start.
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So I’m back!!

After a long absence I am back to my blog. Here’s hoping that I still have my little audience out there!!

To explain my sudden departure. A project that took up much too much time needed to be done – unfortunately it had nothing to do with writing – and then I battled the black dog a little. I am on the mend and here’s hoping to a clearer future.

Soon I hope to start putting up pieces of my two new stories up here. They are Long Lost Song and Aristotle’s Algorithm, and if all goes well will see publication this year. If I get off my bum, I might even get them done before half the year is gone.

There is even a couple of short stories that I am considering as well. If any of you wonderful folk would like a look at those before I publish them, please let me know and I might be willing to share them with you.

I might even dig out Charlie and see if I can finish this blos story as well. Any new ides for Charlie? The 365 Story page is still up even though the story has not chnged in a while. Feel free to throw stuff at me for that.

All in all, lots of fun stuff happening.

I am thinking that I might share more of my favourite photos with you. What would you say about that? Let me know if you are on still out there. Please. It would be good to hear I have blog friends still.

Freedom imagery #108/365

E-Book Pricing Poll Results

Steve Umstead: Paginations

You guys ready for the really cool charts? Sorry to disappoint – they’re fairly lame and uncreative, but the results are interesting. Without further ado, the ultra-scientific results of yesterday’s poll – please keep in mind the margin or error is plus or minus 100%.


Tried to make this next chart cool with an online site; mistake. Should have just used Excel, but I have a built-in Microsoft aversion. (Had to lower the 31% to 30% to make the numbers add to 100 – the online site didn’t like the rounding parts.)


What are the results of the results? An interesting skew towards the higher priced books. Free and $.99 are WAY behind other prices, and the winner by almost twice as much as any other is $4-$4.99.

What does this mean? Not sure… At first I was thrilled seeing the higher pricing opinion, but @RobbieATaylor on Twitter…

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