Recently, I have been writing very dark and depressing stuff. Over the next couple of blogs I might share some of it with you. It seems to be coming from a depressed character but I have no idea what to do with the words that he tells me. I struggle to see how anybody would connect with such a character and what readability there is in it.

To some degree, and on an unfortunate angle, some of them originate from me and my state of mind lately but being a writer, it all turns a lot darker, a lot more morbid. I hesitate to think they are all coming from me, as I do not want to admit that the depression might be that bad.

Anyway, my next blog post will be the beginning of it. The story itself is called (R)evolving. Please let me know, as I publish it, if there is something in it of whether I am writing for me alone. If the latter is true, then I will keep the rest of it to myself. It has helped to alleviate some of the angst I feel about it and getting writing again though.

You have been warned!!