Living In A Mushroom

Whilst on our way to pick up the kids from school, I saw three little conjoined, orange mushrooms. It got me to thinking rather quickly about whether little people live in those little mushrooms. A quirky little family of creatures that could fit in mushrooms obviously and their adventures they might have. (And if I see any children’s books around this topic in the near future I will blame you all. Consider it now copyrighted (!) to me.)

It comes from the concept of writing a play. Recently I found I had the capacity to write a small one act play and realised I enjoyed it even though the topic was interesting. The local drama group has a copy and keeps threatening to do a reading of it, which I still fear. Still then though, I have been thinking about writing a bigger, longer play with some cast and even some sets. So I have been thinking about a subject.

The subject now seems to be about a family that live in mushrooms!! I suppose this means it will be a kid’s play or a play that will be watchable by both kids and adults. So it poses an interesting challenge by writing something that caters for both.

Already this excites me. Usually I write whatever comes into my head (this blog being a case in point), but now I have to think of a story that will be fun for the whole family about a mushroom!! Then there are sets to think about, how many characters to have in it and what adventures they can whilst being limited by what you can do on a stage.

There are people that will tell me that I should not think of limiting it based on that, but I really believe that I need to be able to write something that gives it’s intent without the need for expansive sets.

Regardless, it’s really exciting to set myself a challenge like this.

What challenge have you set yourself? Did you follow through with it?

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