Today I was going to do something different and write a review of the book I am reading. I decided to have a look at the web to see if other people had done reviews of the series so far (obviously knowing that there would be potentially hundreds of them).

But here’s the thing – they differ SO badly between each other. It does not help My Rothfuss’ case that used a bad analogy in a blog post that set quite a few people off him either. So here they are – a good review and a bad review.

Both of these are from Goodreads. The good review:

The bad review:

Have books always been interpreted this way? They are either loved or hated? Was Tolkien the great author that most people say he was or was he just a hack finding a way to use the language he invented?

How are we meant to take book reviews when they are split so badly? Where is the voice of reason when it comes to finding a good book? Do we trust the author who says ‘I’m brilliant. Read me!’ or the voice of an individual who happened to either like or not like the book they just read?

How do you choose a book to read? Is it the recommendation of friends or do you look at the reviews of the ‘next big thing’ and try to make an informed decision for there?

For me, it is still the out-fashioned method. Pick the book up at the shop and read the back. If it captures my interest, then I will open the book up and read a bit of it. If the writing grabs me, then it stands a decent chance of being bought.

In this day and age of ebooking everything, of which I am about to do myself, what measures can we put in place to make sure that we are going to read something we will enjoy? Please let me know as I would like to think that I could use them for my own stories.