One stops so, by some force of nature, another starts. Like a game of verbal tag where the first one who misses their cue is the loser. A constant cacophony of uttered words to fill the void of quietude. Their voices almost identical in pitch and timbre.

It was easy to see the relationship between the two. A young and an old version of the same model. All whilst the rest of us struggled to get any words as there was never a gap in the prattling conversation.

The strangest concept to contemplate was it coming from two over sized rats. With rapiers – should you try to ask them to put a lid on it. They believed they directed the talking and would so unto somebody had the courage to try to stop them.

Much like warring gods battling, with witticisms, to conquer the other. Just one slip from either combatant and the fight was over. A victor would surely be crowned.

By the looks of the other people and animals in the room, it had raged for years and probably approached millennia given the understood age of the pair of rodents. But, for all their bluster and grumble, they knew how to fight.

And not just bar room brawls. These two had led the combined forces into battle on numerous occasions and had proved their valor many times over.