When you are in bed, have you ever wondered what do to with your arms? Do you put them beside you, under your head, stretched out in between?

I wrap mine around my love, my muse, my partner, my wife Marieke. One arm under her neck with my hand gently grasping her breast. The other over her chest to hold her shoulder. Drawing her into me to share my warmth with her. Keeping her safe and sound, keeping the demons from her dreams.

Listening to her slow, rhythmic breathing and feeling her twitches as she dreams, hoping my comfort provides peace. Knowing that she knows I am there. Her saviour, her protector, her man.

Our love becoming one whole, one heartbeat, two hearts big.

They say home is where the heart is. My heart is home when I am next to her.

PS: I was going to get up to write this as I thought it this morning, but I was reminded of staying in the ‘real-life-ism’ version.