July Read-A-Long – All That I Am by Anna Funder

Book Cover:  All That I Am

After the success of the My Hundred Lovers Read-A-Long in June hosted by 1girl2manybooks, we have decided to have another go.  By the way, the June read-a-long is still up for you too look at.

For our July Read-A-Long, we will looking at All That I Am by Anna Funder (@AnnaFunder).  It has just won this year’s Miles Franklin award and, as a group, I think we all excited to get into this one.

So far, we have the following cast (name and twitter name):

            • Bree Testa (@1girl2manybooks)
            • Margie McKay Lowndes (@MargieMcKL)
            • Marg Bates (@MargReads)
            • Elizabeth Lhuede (@ElizabethLhuede)

If you would like to join us, find me (@Quiet_Noise) on Twitter.

Please let me know when you have the book and I will organise a schedule after that.  Any suggestions are most welcome.

I have borrowed Penguin’s information about the book below:

The gripping first novel by Anna Funder, the acclaimed author of Stasiland, based on a true story. All That I Am, is moving and beautifully written, equal parts a love story, thriller and testament to individual heroism. It evokes books like Irene Nemirovsky’s Suite Francaise, Bernard Schlink’s The Reader and William Boyd’s Restless – intelligent, powerful novels that appeal to a wide audience.

‘When Hitler came to power I was in the bath. The wireless in the living room was turned up loud, but all that drifted down to me were waves of happy cheering, like a football match. It was Monday afternoon . . . ‘

Ruth Becker, defiant and cantankerous, is living out her days in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. She has made an uneasy peace with the ghosts of her past – and a part of history that has been all but forgotten.

Another lifetime away, it’s 1939 and the world is going to war. Ernst Toller, self-doubting revolutionary and poet, sits in a New York hotel room settling up the account of his life.

When Toller’s story arrives on Ruth’s doorstep their shared past slips under her defences, and she’s right back among them – those friends who predicted the brutality of the Nazis and gave everything they had to stop them. Those who were tested – and in some cases found wanting – in the face of hatred, of art, of love, and of history.

Based on real people and events, All That I Am is a masterful and exhilarating exploration of bravery and betrayal, of the risks and sacrifices some people make for their beliefs, and of heroism hidden in the most unexpected places. Anna Funder confirms her place as one of our finest writers with this gripping, compassionate, inspiring first novel. 

25 thoughts on “July Read-A-Long – All That I Am by Anna Funder

      1. ok cool, sounds good (subbed to this thread now). I think the page numbering is different in the ebook version (it has “locations” rather than page#s) but it has chapter markings, so hopefully that will still work ok

      2. not really. part1 has 14 chapters, part 2 has 17 chapters & part 3 has 6 chapters.not sure if this is the same breakdown as the printed copy – assuming so? I’m only ~20% through the book so far.

      3. Alrighty. I will have to wait until I see a physical copy then I’ll break it down. Do you mind if I chat with you on this a bit more to get the ebook breakdown right?

      4. sure, np. I guess if you mention the first/last few words of the chapter to read to I can work it out from there, & let you know the location number if others are using ebook too.

  1. Awesome idea, I want to read this one anyway. Will be able to pick it up at one of my local stores this afternoon. Will we start reading in July and then what? Do we post a review on our blog or review it in sections?

    1. I will break the novel into three chunks, which we will review the events that occurred, characters etc. Have a look at 1girl2manybooks.wordpress.com for our read-a-long of My Hundred Lovers.

  2. Sadly I can’t squeeze another book into my schedule this month but I will be sure to stop by and see the discussions!

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