Let me give you the cast of readers for the July Read-A-Long of Anna Funder’s All That I Am.  They are:

  • Bree Testa (@1girl2manybooks)
  • Margie McKay Lowndes (@MargieMcKL)
  • Marg Bates (@MargReads)
  • Elizabeth Lhuede (@ElizabethLhuede)
  • Su Dharmapala (@SuDharmapala)
  • Monique (@writenote1)
  • Kath O’Donell (@AliaK)
  • Lucinda Joura (@ljoura)
  • Charmaine Clancy (@charmainclancy)
  • Stephen Ormsby (@Quiet_Noise)

Could these wonderful people please introduce yourselves and tell us what you are looking forward, what you hope to get out of this etc.

Could you please confirm whether you have a copy of the book as yet?