July Read-A-Long – All That I Am Introductions

Let me give you the cast of readers for the July Read-A-Long of Anna Funder’s All That I Am.  They are:

  • Bree Testa (@1girl2manybooks)
  • Margie McKay Lowndes (@MargieMcKL)
  • Marg Bates (@MargReads)
  • Elizabeth Lhuede (@ElizabethLhuede)
  • Su Dharmapala (@SuDharmapala)
  • Monique (@writenote1)
  • Kath O’Donell (@AliaK)
  • Lucinda Joura (@ljoura)
  • Charmaine Clancy (@charmainclancy)
  • Stephen Ormsby (@Quiet_Noise)

Could these wonderful people please introduce yourselves and tell us what you are looking forward, what you hope to get out of this etc.

Could you please confirm whether you have a copy of the book as yet?

17 thoughts on “July Read-A-Long – All That I Am Introductions

  1. Hi read-a-longers,
    I’m an Indie writer and blogger (http://clancytales.blogspot.com.au) and of course an avid reader. Decided I would read this novel after it flooded my Facebook page, so this is just the prompt I needed. Looking forward to exploring the plot devices and characters used in this novel and hearing the reactions of other readers.

  2. I’m also an indie novelist that likes to read strange books. My Hundred Lovers showed me how strange they could get!! By strange I mean stuff that I would not normally read. As always, learning and exploring another person’s writing is always interesting.

    My first book is called Long Lost Song, and should see the light of day in the couple of months.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I’m a booklover who decided to combine my love of the internet a couple of years ago with a book blog (http://samstillreading.wordpress.com). I love reading books, reading about books and shopping for books! I like most genres of books and I feel that the book blogging community has helped me to widen what I read. Looking forward to reading All That I Am and sharing it with others.
    When I’m not reading, I can be found working, shopping or cooking.
    I have a copy of the small format paperback book to read.

  4. I’m Monique from Write Note Reviews – http://www.writenotereviews.com and Each Day a Gift (www.eachdayagift.blogspot.com.au).

    I write reviews for love – for money I work at an arts centre and as a freelance writer. I used to be a newspaper editor but this suits me much better, since I’m also a mum of four!

    Really looking forward to this book – may just take me a while to get my copy as I ordered it from Book Depository only yesterday.

  5. Hey everyone, I’m Lucinda.
    By day I work in educational publishing and by night I watch bad TV and read good books. I am also an organiser of ‘Possibly the Best Book Club You’ll Ever Join’ (check it out here: http://www.meetup.com/bestbookclubever/).
    I”m hoping the read-a-long will generate some great discussions and I”m excited about finally resurrecting my old blog (url tbc). I’m most likely be reading on my Kindle, so am interested to see how reading in parts pans out.
    I was super impressed with Anna Funder’s acceptance speech, so have been looking to read this book for a while.

  6. I put off heading into the bookstore today, because it’s raining non-stop, but changed my mind ten minutes before they closed. Mary Ryan’s had sold out. Thinking I’ll just get the ebook now – the book gods have spoken 🙂

  7. Hi fellow read-a-longers
    I’m an avid reader and sometime English teacher and teacher librarian, so reading is a big part of my life, as is music. This is my first read-a-long and I’m looking forward to it. I am amazed every day by the connections forged by social media, so I’m excited to be sharing a book in this way.

    1. I’m kath. I’m an engineer, and am interested in archiving, music & arts outside of work. I started reading the ebook version when I heard it had won the award & have been saving some of the phrases – she certainly has a beautiful way with words. then I saw the notice on twitter & thought I’d try it to get more out of the book through the discussions. hopefully I can read fast enough, I’ve only been getting in a few pages each night so far. nice to (virtually) meet you all

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