Hi everybody!  Welcome to the All That I Am Read-A-Long.

Book Cover:  All That I Am

I am hoping you have all got your copies of All That I am by Anna Funder but if you haven’t don’t worry too much.  Just join us when you are ready or leave comment on the posts as they go up.  I am posting a schedule, which looks like this:

Week 1 (13/7): Part 1

Week 2 (20/7): Part 2

Week 3 (27/7): Part 3

When I get my physical copy I will update the breakdown of the book for their weeks.  I have a rudimentary set for now.  Bear with me.  I will also be supplying an ebook breakdown using locations or some such!

I will be posting up the discussions on 13th, 20th and 27th of July.  Using Fridays originated with the My Hundred Lovers Read-a-long and worked well, so I decided to stick to Fridays.  The logic being that it would be good to give people the weekend to come and read the posts and comment as I know everyone is busy and has plenty of other commitments.

Hope you all enjoy the book and see you back here on the 13th of July for our first part discussion.  Thanks Bree Testa (1girl2manybooks) for a majority of these words.