July Read-A-Long – All That I Am Schedule Update

Hi everybody!  Welcome to the All That I Am Read-A-Long.

Book Cover:  All That I Am

I have now received my copy of the books and can now update the weekly targets for the book in both physical and ebook formats.

Week 1 (13/7): Page 1 – Page 124 or to location 1958 of 5680 (34%)

Week 2 (20/7): Page 125 – Page 240 or to location 3737 of 5680 (66%)

Week 3 (27/7): Page 241 – Page 363 or to location end of Book

Could you all please confirm if you have the book.  For the ebook reviewers, could you confirm the targets for the weeks and whether these make sense.

Personally, I cannot wait to get into this.  It has a really interesting story and is very well-written with some absolutely stand out lines already.


14 thoughts on “July Read-A-Long – All That I Am Schedule Update

  1. Hi Stephen, I got the book today and the sales assistant was gery enthusiastic about it – said it was excellent! I’m itching to get started as well. Happy reading!

  2. hi Stephen, I checked on my ipad & the location numbers are slightly different to the web version (numbers above).
    1958 of 5680 34% letters (this one matches on web/ipad)
    3732 of 5680 65% headscarf (this one is slightly different??! strange)

    not sure why the difference. maybe it’s something I’m doing when clicking/page turning.

      1. yeah, it’s still easy to find them. maybe post the first sentence of the chapter too as a backup?

  3. I received my book today (finally). Looking forward to getting stuck into the book – will be juggling a few books this week, it seems. Also reading Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French, which will probably complement this one very well. I’m interested to see if I find it hard going like you have, Charmaine.

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