Today it the most exciting day.  I had felt restless all morning, finding it difficulot to concentrate, and when I did start to get into the new book, the doorbell rang.  A postman handed me a parcel and asked me to sign.

The box was book size, but I didn’t remember having any orders for a new book.  Imagine my excitement when I open it up to find my own book in there!!

As soon as I could, I rushed down to the main street of our town to show my wife, who was working at the time.  Even her boss did not mind the interruption.

So, here it is.  Long Lost Song is a reality after two years of work.  If you would like a copy, let me know.  I am quite to ship to you anywhere in the world (and will not charge more than I need to for postage!).  Of course, I will autograph any I send, unless you specifically ask me not to, but give it a go.  You will like it.