Upcoming Author Interviews

After my success at interviewing Kate Forsyth over two wonderful blog posts Part 1 here and Part 2 here (the second one helped me have my biggest day on my blog!), I asked her if she could think of some writerly friends that may be willing to being interviewed as well.  Over time, I hope to have a series of interviews from authors covering all corners of the worls.

Lucky for me, Kate tweeted some names for me.  I approached them and what you see below is a list of authors that I will be interviewing in the near future.

Friday 20 July – A. Finlay

  • author of Shadows of Light, book one of a proposed trilogy

Friday 27 July – Claire Corbett

  • author of When We Have Wings, which has been shortlisted for the 2012 Barbara Jefferis Award

Friday 3 August – Ford Forkum

  • author of Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocolypse

mid August – Kate Elliott

  • author of 20 novels, of which one was a finalist for the 1997 Nebula Award.

mid September – Margo Lanagan

  • author of 20 novels, of which one won the 2009 World Fantasy Award.

late September – Gabrielle Wang

  • author and illustrator of 11 novels for children

Please do not hold me to these dates, as they are by no means hard and fast.  We are dealing with people that already have busy lives and are doing this as a favour to me.  In saying that, I will try to keep to them as much as possible.

How exciting is this world when you can approach internationally recognised writers and ask them questions.  I have met some incredible authors this way.

This has now been updated in this blog post.

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