I have started a project on Pozible for my first novel Long Lost Song.  Publish and Market my novel ‘Long Lost Song’ by Stephen Ormsby on Pozible.

Here is the blurb for the book followed by my author bio.  If you like what you read, please consider funding my project so that I may get this book out there for the world to see.


A virus is decimating America today and Michael Decker is the culprit.  Or is he?

Is it the work of a curse recorded into a song by 1930’s blues musician Ricky Jensen?

Long Lost Song tells the story of Ricky and Michael as they battle their personal and real demons while the world reaches end times of biblical proportions.

One question remains. How do you stop a devil of a song made to break a crossroads deal?


Stephen C Ormsby was an IT professional for twenty years before deciding to lead a more creative life.  He has always loved the idea of writing novels and had written four when Long Lost Song came along, demanding to be published.

This is his first but will not be his last.

He lives in South Gippsland with his wife, two children and a mad cat.  He has travelled extensively, is an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide range of music.