Given the amount of Author Interviews I am now doing, I have decided to compile them all into one table.  This includes the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday series.  My, oh my, there are a few here now.

I also have the honour of announcing yet another interview that is not on the table below.  I have interviewed Tad Williams asking him all about his new series of books – The Dirty Streets of Heaven or the Bobby Dollar series.  This will be published on 20 August.

So on with the FULL schedule of Authors.  I do not promise that this will not continue to grow in the future.  As it is, today I got K. W. Jeter to agree to an interview.

If you have a favourite author that I have not featured as yet, please let me know and I will try to contact them.

Wednesday Wordsmiths Friday Series Saturday Series


1st – Brad Cotton 3rd – Ford Forkum 4th – Sally Stephenson
8th – Catherine Green 10th – Chris Stocking 11th – Michael Lorde
15th – SJB Gilmour 17th – Marianne de Pierres 18th – Sophie Masson
22nd – Michelle Gent 24th – Trudi Canavan 25th – Maria Hammarblad
29th – Jeff Bennington 31st – Kate Elliott  


    1st – Joel Mark Harris
5th – M. R. Mathias 7th – Steph Bowe 8th – Elise Stokes
12th – Richard Harland 14th – James Barclay 15th – Sharon Lee Johnson
19th – Chet Williamson 21st – Margo Lanagan 22nd – Glenn Soucy
26th – C. J. Cherryh 28th – Peter V. Brett 29th – Kim Cano


3rd – Kevin J Anderson 5th – Gabrielle Wang 6th – Linda Leander
10th – Sean Williams 12th – Hope Walsh 13th – Linze Brandon
17th – J. C. Cassells 19th – Joe R. Lansdale 20th – Ben Bova
24th – Nick Harkaway 26th – Mark Rice 27th – Jon Courtney Grimwood
31st – Susan Buchanan    


  2nd – David P. Perlmutter 3rd – Michael K. Rose
7th – Jean Paul Cleary 9th – Jack Dann 10th – Janeen Webb
14th – K. W. Jeter