Title:Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2

Publisher:IDW Publishing

Pub Date:October 02, 2012

Copy supplied by Publisher through NetGalley

Here’s my first review and unfortunately I will be a little negative.  I was looking forward to this crossover between two of my favourite television shows – Dr Who and Star Trek: TNG, but I found the premise to be clunky and the artwork messy.  Let me explain myself.

So, we have a mining disater where the Star Trek team visit.  It is an attack by the Borg and a ‘new’ race for the Star Trek team.  People die and much ruin, but during this Picard tells Ryker to go and test the new holdeck program.  There they find Dr Who.

I really did not like this as I would have thought that people dying would take some precedent over the latest 1940’s illusion.  Then for Dr Who not to notice that it is a holdeck program had me shaking my head in dismay.

Obviously, Dr Who knows they are Cybermen and knows they cannot be up to any good.  Data checks the records for Cybermen to discover that a previous incarnation of Dr Who has been there (they use Tom Baker for this).  Dr Who remembers the ocassion with James Kirk and crew, but then states that he also doesn’t remember it.

By the end of this, we end up with no real resolution and I did not feel that I would go back to it.

There are two art styles used through the book to distinguish the two timelines.  I have to admit I preferred the cleaner style used for the Kirk and crew section, as I found the painted look of the rest of it a bit much.

Rating:   2 out of 5.