Title: Last Days of an Immortal
Publisher: Archaia
Pub Date: November 27, 2012
ISBN: 9781936393442
Author: Fabien Vehlmann
Category: FICTION – ADULT: Humorous, Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels

Marketing Copy:

In the distant future, Elijah is a member of the “Philosophical Police,” who must solve conflicts that arise out of ignorance of the Other.

Two species are fighting a war with roots in a crime committed several centuries ago, and Elijah must solve the crime and bring peace between their species, while also confronting his own immortality in a world where science provides access to eternal life.

In a world where death no longer exists, why do so many want to give up on life?

Last Days of an Immortal is a classic, cerebral science fiction story in the tradition of J.G. Ballard, Gattaca, Solaris, and THX 1138.

My Review:

This really grabbed me and would not go until I discovered how all the threads of this story were going to weave together at the end. This is the story of Elijah, who has created a number of echoes of himself. One stays at home living his normal life, whilst another goes off to a distant planet to solve a century old mystery.

His home echo learns he was not invited to his friend’s funeral. This upsets him greatly, and more so when he realises a partner was invited.

His away echo is lost, so he decides to investigate in ‘person’. He collects all of his echoes only to discover there are so many of them. Some of them do not have memories of his friends death, so some of the echoes consider removing the ones that do.

This is all very scary – one, to think of splitting off versions off yourself and two, to think they may decide to remove the ‘original’ version to preserve themselves. How do you deal with the ones that want to kill you?

The style of this graphic novel suited it perfectly. Nice, straight lines and a relatively simple style letting you concentrate on the main thread of the story instead of any other detail within each scene. This was a great read and one I will be looking out for in the future.

My Rating:

4 echoes out of 5 (though it came close to 5).