A great book by a great writer. If you see it, read this novel.

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His horror novels are among the best. In this book he drops all supernatural elements and goes for the horror of real people. This is a terrific read about a new mother chasing the kidnapper of her baby. It never lets up and will keep you glued to the end.

Mary Terrell was a member of the 60’s-70’s radical group Storm Front. They ran rampant across the country killing police and any civilians that got in their way. All in the name of changing the world for the better. Mary was known as Mary Terror.

She was crazy about the group’s leader who called himself Lord Jack. It all came to an end one night in Linden, New Jersey. The police found them in a house and it turned into a massive shootout. A number of group members were killed and several police. Mary got away but not before shooting an FBI agent.

Mary was…

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