Alice in Wonderland

Robert Gill

Pub Date                Oct 23 2012

Marketing Copy:

The one thing known is that her time spent in a world full of insanity left her a broken adult.  However, her courageous will to survive is what ultimately saved humanity.

Now the story of Alice’s visit into Wonderland is fully revealed and the truth of the terror will be told in full!

From Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco, and Joe Brusha, the minds behind Grimm Fairy Tales and Return To Wonderland, comes the series that Zenescope fans have been waiting for!

Follow Zenescope back down the rabbit hole and discover a world of madness like you’ve never seen before!

My Review:

This is my second Oh My! review in as many reviews.  Alice is grown up in a very hourglass way.  She has gone mad and survived, but cannot seem to find enough clothes to wear!  In fact, none of the women like loose fitting clothes!

She is also pretty handy with tools, which she uses on the random occassion.  The cheshire cat has grown up a little into a nasty and large beast with quite sharp claws.  The Queen of Hearts doesn’t mind a bit of the old swinging a weapon action either.

This is quite beautiful in a very graphic way.   Robert Gill has done some truly incredible drawings.  The style is clean and easy to read.  The characters are drawn well (what until you check out the rack on Alice!!), and follows the original story very well.

This is a bloody, evil and sexy take on the Alice in Wonderland story.  If you ever wondered what Alice would be like if it had been written today, then Raven Gregory would have been the author.  Well worth the read (look) if you don’t mind skimpy costumes, blood and malicious monsters.

My Rating:

5 hearts out of 5