If you read this interview, then read it very carefully!  There is something in the words that might just take your notice.  We all know that Laurence likes his puzzles, so there is even a very simple one in here.

Laurence O’Bryan starting writing late, or at least published late.  His first book The Instanbul Puzzle has hit the market in a huge way, and has already been sold for translation in 9 languages.  This book if the first of a trilogy, which I am very much looking forward to.  There is not long to wait for the second book as it will be released early next year.

The puzzle within the first book is deep and complex, and will keep you reading until the end.  If you do solve it, you can post your answer of LOB’s page – http://lpobryan.com/did-you-solve-the-puzzle/

Here is the interview – don’t forget to read carefully:

What genre would you like to write a book in (that you haven’t yet)?

Science fiction. I loved science fiction when I was young and would love to write something totally new in this area! Now there’s a challenge.

Where do your ideas come from?  Do you have a standard formula for plots or do stories come to you as a whole construct?

I start with something from the newspapers usually. Say there’s a raid by pirates on a cruise ship in the Med. Then I see another story about a murder in the Vatican. My story challenge is to link the two!
When you start a new story, do you have a title for it?  Does that trigger the story?

Titles are really hard. I put up a working title, but it could be months before a real title comes to me.

Do you see the future of fantasy and science fiction as bright?  If so, which authors are driving it?

Iain M Banks is my favorite right now and I am a big JRR Tolkien fan. TLTR is the only book I have read three times! I see a great future for science fiction, especially as it meshes with ordinary fiction. Steam punk didn’t start that, but it took it a step forward. Game of Thrones is almost historical fiction now too!

What themes are being overused?

woooow not the right person for that one!

Are movies of books ruining the book?

No! Not ruining, changing. But why would I try to stop the ocean!
Do you see ebooks threatening traditional publishing?

Sure, like the printing press threatened the quill pen makers and the parchment sellers. Most of them adapted and survived!
Do you prefer to read established authors or debut authors? How do you choose which ones to read?

I will read both. Professional reviews and recommendations and Amazon are how I find books.

What is it about fantasy that appeals to you?

I write contemporary thrillers. They are fantasies about the present, our world.
Can I get an autographed book? (lol)

Sure, email me! lob at yourasms.com and the first two readers to respond will get a signed copy.

Do you have a group of people that you show a new story to? How much impact can they have on the whole story?

I am in two writing groups here in Dublin on odd Mondays and Wednesdays. The writers in the groups point out page by page stupidities, but I create the stories.

Do you set yourself a word limit for each book?

Yes, 100,000 each. That’s what my contract with Harper Collins says.

Do you have a target each day?

I spend more time editing now, but when I am creating I will do at least 1,000 words a day and edit the previous day’s output before I start.

Do you write constantly or have breaks between books?

I write constantly, often 3 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Do you have characters running around your head?  Do they dictate events and their histories to you?

New stories drift in an out. I get ideas in all sorts of places and rush to find somewhere to write them down.

After so many books, how do you keep them unique?

I have only 1 published so far!

What is your biggest (self-imposed) time waster?

Social media, but I love it!

Do you remember the first time you saw your book in a shop?

Yes, it was amazing! Truly heart warming.

Do you read other people’s writing?

Yes, though I read a lot of non fiction for research too.

Would you read mine?

Send me a sample!

Laurence’s current novel ‘The Istanbul Puzzle’ is available at Amazon UK & Amazon USA.

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