Swords of Waar

Nathan Long
Night Shade Books

Pub Date                Nov 6 2012

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  • ISBN9781597804295
  • Price14.99
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  • EditionPaperback


Jane Carver, a  hell-raising, redheaded biker chick from Coral Gables, Florida, had  found a new life and love on Waar, a savage planet of fearsome creatures and swashbuckling warriors.  Until the planet’s high priests sent her  back to Earth against her will.

But nobody keeps Jane from her man, even if he happens to be a purple-skinned alien nobleman.
Against all odds, she returns to Waar, only to find herself accused of  kidnapping the Emperor’s beautiful daughter. Allying herself with a band of notorious sky-pirates, Jane sets out to clear her name and rescue  the princess, but that means uncovering  the secret origins of the Gods  of Waar—and picking a fight with the Wargod himself.
Good thing Jane is always up for a scrap . . .
Swords of Waar is the wildly entertaining sequel to Jane Carver of Waar, and continues the raucous adventures of science fiction’s newest and most bad ass space heroine.

Nathan Long is a screen and prose writer, with two movies, one Saturday-morning  adventure series, and a handful of live-action and animated TV episodes  to his name, as well as ten fantasy novels and several award-winning  short stories. He hails from Pennsylvania, where he grew up, went to  school, and played in various punk and rock-a-billy bands, before  following his writing dreams to Hollywood — where he now plays in  various punk and country bands — and writes novels full-time.

My Review:

I did not know this was a sequel, but there some really good news in this.  You don’t need to know or have read it, though I have already made plans to do just that.  This picks up after the first book, but you quickly get up to speed on where the story is up to, which I found a refreshing change.

More great news about this is that it is really very funny.  Paragraph of paragraph has some wonderful little line that makes you chortle whether you want to or not.  I found myself chortling quite a lot.

This is the comedy version of John Carter, or the Barsoom books, whichever you’ve read or seen, and this is what it would have read like if Edgar Rice Burroughs has his body stolen by Nathan Long.  There is very little seriousness in it, but a lot of gags about drink, being deranged and trying to find a way back to a planet that may not really exist.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed this a LOT.   If you want some funny science fiction, then look up the jane Carter books by Nathan Long.  You will not regret it.

PS:  Watch out for my interview with Nathan Long.  Coming up soon.

My Rating:

5 big, burly women out of 5