Ken McKea is the pseudonym of Brad Strickland.

Writing a standalone book is one thing. Writing a series is another. This week the third Jim Dallas adventure, Eden Feint, is due out on for Kindle. I have another ten gestating.

Eden Feint takes Dallas and his friend Sam Lyons to Davis County, a place “in the armpit of Florida,” where poverty and despair have hit hard. They’re working on a closed case: Adam Stowers has been convicted of having killed his wife Summer two years back.

Except Stowers’s lawyer is convinced that, for a change, he was defending an innocent client. So Dallas and Lyons are probing for anything that might help the convicted man.

What turns up is nasty and has roots going back many years. Dallas is tested in ways he’s never faced before.

So…what about a series? What makes it different?

Every story is about change. Every good series, I believe, is about the same thing. Except that over a progressive set of books, the character can grow and change more slowly and in very fundamental ways. Dallas in Eden Feint is the same man we met in Atlanta Bones, but he’s different, too. He’s just beginning to solve the mystery of Jim Dallas, and if I time it right, he should solve that right around Book 13 or so. And then…who knows?

Eden Feint will be published as a standalone book, but as an experiment, I’m also going to try offering the books in omnibus sets, three titles to a book, at a bargain price (less than a U.S. buck a book). Sure, I’m looking for sales, but in some ways I’m thinking of these as three-decker novels, with the cast changing from volume to volume but some characters and things remaining constant.

And some inner things changing.

Just for luck, my target date for publishing Eden Feint is October 27.

Happens to be my birthday.

So if you read and liked Atlanta Bones or Cuban Dagger or both, give this one a try. At the same time you’ll give me a writer’s most treasured birthday present:

A reader.