Author Interview Zombie Edition – C. Dulaney, American Horror Writer

It’s Halloween time, so I planned to have a very special Interview with one of the hottest writers in the Zombie world.  C. Dulaney has written two incredible books dealing with the Zombie Apocolypse that have been received with massively positive reviews.

C. agreed to do this interview as long as I promised that there would be no standard questions in the set.  I came up with some, which C. answered.  Are you ready to see what C. had to say?

If you had the ability to turn someone into a zombie, who would it be and why?

You’re not trying to get me in trouble at all, are you. Ha. Well it’s a long list, but if I had to pick only one, I’d have to say the entire New England Patriots football team. Why? Because then I’d like them a little better.

When vampires die, they keep their wisdom. Why don’t zombies?

I think that’s arguable, vampires keeping their “wisdom”. They’re soulless, and usually do some pretty stupid things. Zombies are mindless, and usually do some pretty stupid things. Of course there are major differences between the two, namely the level of danger. Vampires can think, so you’re pretty much screwed. Zombies can’t. Vampires can be fast, which further enforces you being screwed. Zombies are not (something else that can be argued, but for the sake of this interview, we’ll say they’re slow). So based on all this, I’d say zombies can’t think because they’re dead, rotting corpses. Vampires, for certain reasons, are not. They keep the ability to reason during their undead life. Wisdom flies out the window for both after death. This is, of course, just my opinion.

What would happen to the world if there was one smart zombie to lead them all?

Honestly, I don’t think the world would be in any more danger with one smart zombie leading the pack than it would without. Just think about it. One smart corpse trying to organize and instruct millions of dumb, lumbering corpses. I think it would end up being too much for just one to deal with, and we’d have the same result.

Are you that smart zombie?

I really hope not. That’d be a miserable job.

What do imagine a zombie society would be like?

If we’re talking about a typical zombie, and what that society would be like, I imagine it would stink. Literally. And be very messy. The zombies wouldn’t care though, because they’re dead. If we’re talking about thinking, feeling zombies, I don’t see how it would differ much from our own. Except they’d come up with innovative ways to deal with said stink and mess. Wait… we do that too, don’t we?

What is your favourite zombie author? Which book is their best?

I actually have two, and they’re both fellow Permuted Press authors. Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes, and Thom Brannan’s Lords of Night. Both are excellent books with different takes on the zombie apocalypse.

Is Mitt Romney a zombie already?

You are trying to get me in trouble. The only thing I’m going to say about politics and zombies is this: They’re remarkably similar.

What will start the zombie apocalypse?

A disgruntled employee of some sort of R&D facility. He or she will snap under the stress and responsibilities of their job, they’ll start looking for a way out of it, maybe a way to end it all. Maybe their personal life sucks, maybe they were suddenly dumped after a four-year relationship. Maybe they just lost their home, maybe their supervisor rides them all the live-long day. Whatever the circumstances, they’ve been pushed too far. They hear about some testing going on, maybe in their department, maybe in another. But the light of hope sparks. “Ah, this is the answer I’ve been looking for. This is my way out,” he (or she) will say. They get their hands on a nasty little bio-weapon, and the rest is history.

Which country will it start in?

That depends. Which country has the most insane, pissed-off scientists?

Check out the website here: and the Amazon Author page here:

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