Review: The Same Lie Twice by Ron Goulart

The Same Lie Twice

Ron Goulart Road Road

Pub Date                Sep 25 2012



A copywriter’s wife has vanished, and only John Easy is slick enough to save her Jim Benning makes $25,000 a year writing drivel for the admen at the Arbogast & Joseph Agency, and his wife thinks he’s worth a whole lot less. Joanna is a model: nervous, beautiful, and prone to meltdowns. In a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage, she agrees to a few sessions with a psychiatrist in San Ignacio—a quack whose psychobabble is more sinister than it appears. But when Joanna disappears, Jim’s only hope is John Easy, the hippest P.I. in Hollywood. Jim gives John a matchbook found in his wife’s purse for a club called Maybe—a swinger’s hideout where morality is not in style—and John plunges into the seedy side of sunny San Ignacio, where the copywriter’s wife led an entirely different sort of existence. To save Joanna from her shadow self, John Easy will have to swing harder than ever before.
My Review:
This is a fun little read that will easily wile away an afternoon.  The main character is a detective named John Easy, and he is that way about almost everything.  Easy with woman, with suspects, with his gun.
Easy goes in search of a missing wife and an interesting adventure along the way.  Do not expect to talking politics or philosophy with this book, as it is simply written to give us some time off.  There is some funny word choices and conversations on ocassion but nothing too much to distract from the story.
The story feels as though it was written some time ago.  After a quick check, I find it was originally published in 1973, and I think that the writing style shows some age to it.  But…  I was going to give this only 3 stars, but it was a good time waster that did not require too much thinking.  Based on that I have bumped it up to 4 stars.
My Rating:
4 out of 5

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