Review: More Tea, Jesus? by James Lark

More Tea, Jesus?

James Lark
HarperCollins UK

Pub Date                Aug 27 2012

ISBN             9780007476244


The second coming is nigh . . . it just happens to be coming at rather an inconvenient time.

It’s been an eventful month for the village of Little Collyweston: Reverend Andy  Biddle, still trying to regain his dignity following an ill-advised omelette  analogy during a sermon, teeters on the brink of scandal. Opinionated  parishioner Sathan Petty-Saphon has spotted an opportunity to seize control of  the church. And young Gerard Feehan has, thanks to the Vicar, embarked on a  journey of self-discovery that will quite possibly lead his Mother to an act of  homicide.

It’s hardly surprising that no one has noticed that the new  attendant at their church services is Jesus. Who would believe that the almighty  would choose their unremarkable village for the second coming? But he has, and  it looks like his arrival could clash terribly with the annual parish  entertainment.
Funny, touching and original, this charming debut will  change the status of the English country village forever.

My Review:

This is a great little book of what would happen should Jesus drop by and say hi!  This is a very funny look at what happens when that happens in a little English town who are not really ready for it.  This had me giggling all the way through.

If you want a nice light funny read then this is the book.  A drunk vicar, making omelettes during services and even… yes, you guessed it… Jesus.  The country-side of England will never be the same again.

My Rating:

4 vicars out of 5

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