I have the absolute pleasure of introducing Norman Wilson of Melange Publishing as the newest reader to join my review club. Norman is a published author of the Shamanic Mysteriesand, and is also the contact point for a number of authors I have now interviewed.

At some stage during our email conversations, Norman let me know he was reading my book Long Lost Song. With pride, I can now present to you his review:

In The Long Lost Song, Stephen Ormsby has achieved a fascinating blend of voodoo, misguided desire, death, and the unconquerable human spirit. Here, for all to relish, is the one single essential ingredient of the human condition—the capacity to love.
Norman W Wilson, PhD
Mélange Publishing

This has stunned me.  I love this book and believed I had something that was worth reading, but to see such a wonderful review for your own words just amazes me.

I have also heard from a number of other readers recently asking whether they could review the book on their blogs.  Of course I agreed.  One of them with be Jessica Turner, author of ‘The Realm Between Heaven and Hell’.

The book has good some great reviews and now rates at least 4 stars at Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords.  All of which can be found at:  http://IdeasCaptured.com/blog, which is soon to be my new new blog home.