The Mystery of the Missing Link Mosaic by Author Laurence O’Bryan

My good friend, Laurence O’Bryan is reknowned as a puzzle master. Read his first book ‘The Istanbul Puzzle’ to find out. Recently I asked Laurence (or LOB as I call him) about using puzzles within his novels. He offered to write my a guest post about it.

In my mystery novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, Sean and Isabel discover a clue early on, a photograph of a mosaic. The mosaic is similar to the iconic Christian images of the Virgin & Child that are so well known all around the world. Here is an example from the Louvre museum in Paris. This is a copper plate believed to have been “taken” from Constantinople in 1204. “Looted” is probably what they meant:

If you would like to read the rest of this post, I ask that you jump over to my new blog called ‘Ideas Captured’. This is where I will be publishing new Author Interviews, Reviews, Book Tours, Marieke’s Photography and other wordly delights!!  Please follow our new blog to keep informed as they are published.

Here is a direct link to the rest of Laurence’s article. I hope you enjoy it.  There is also an Author Interview with Laurence on Ideas Captured as well.

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