Aaaaannnnnddddd We’re Back!

For some reason, this site continues to get views, even though it has been closed for some seven years. So, we decided to have a look under the hood and found a bunch of draft posts from some very special friends that never saw the light of day. These interviews were done by authors that have unfortunately left this world since the interview was conducted. There is also a bunch from seven years ago, which I will be rolling out. Also, I would like to repost some of the older interviews that did see publication; these will include Gene Wolfe, L. E. Modesitt, Jr, Kate Forsyth and Joe Lansdale.

That means we are coming back with some old stuff, some new stuff and some stuff in the middle.

This will also become my main site for my new publications, of which I hope to have a few. The first will be The Garden of Midnight’s Awakening, but will probably include some of my short stories that I want readers to see and some books I have written that are in various stage of completion.

So, the longer term plan is to roll out the forty or so interviews that remained unseen, and start sharing my knowledge(!!???!!) with the world. I will also hopefully starting some new interviews with new friends, as well as some special guest posts, some editing advice, book / film / tv reviews and even some fun if I can manage it.

If you like any of this, let me know and we’ll keep it up.

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