To provide an “at a glance” guide to my opinion on the books I’ve decided to start using a star rating system. The ratings I use are broadly similar to the ones on but here’s some guidance.

1* – I didn’t like it – due to a combination of a writing style I disliked, a poor plot,  lots of typos and errors, characters with no depth, not my usual genre, or other issues mentioned in the review.

2* – It was ok – some of the above applicable but with at least something to redeem it.

3* – I liked it – possibly a well written example of a book that is not one of my usual genres so I can’t find myself raving about it, or a genre I enjoy with some of the problems mentioned above.

4* – I really liked it – an enjoyable read but just missing something, or suffering from a lack of proper editing that otherwise would have made it a 5* read.

5* – I loved it – a brilliant book that for me has it all.

The review will hopefully make it clear where a book had fallen down and why it has received the rating I have given it.