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The Big 1000

Woohoo. Thank you all for getting me to 1000 big hits. This is a fascinating journey and to find people that like what I do has been brilliant.

Firstly I need to thank my incredible wife for her inspirational photos. They always make me see something bigger, better, more than just an ordinary photo. She has the most amazing eyes ( oh and beautiful eyes as well ). check it out yourself at See With New Eyes.
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Tad Williams’ new short story collection, A Stark And Wormy Knight, is available now, worldwide, as an ebook, $4.99 (or equivalent) for one month.

The following story is unique to this blog and a few others. Happy Holidays.

THE SUGARPLUM FAVOR (A Christmas Story) by Tad Williams

Danny Mendoza counted his change three times in while the teacher talked about what they were all supposed to bring for the class winter holiday party tomorrow. It was really a Christmas party, at least in Danny’s class, because that’s what all the kids’ families’ celebrated. Danny had his party contribution covered. He had volunteered to bring napkins and paper plates and cups because his family had some left over from his little brother’s birthday party with characters from Gabba Gabba Hey on them. He’d get teased about that, he knew, but he didn’t want to ask his mother to make something because she was so busy with his little brothers and the baby, and now that Danny’s stepfather Luis had lost his job they had a Money Situation. Danny could live with a little teasing.

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It’s Almost Here

I know you have been waiting as impatiently as I have for the Tad Williams Christmas story. I have heard from Deb (@MrsTad on Twitter) that the story should be here today or tomorrow. That is not accounting for time differences between Tad and myself.

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This comes from one of my favourite blogs – AMS Daily. Have a look please – it is worth it.

Some students were asked to list what they thought were the present “Seven Wonders of the World.” Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt’s Great Pyramids

2. Taj Mahal

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This Is My Home – The Photos

After posting the story This Is My Home I realised that I had been remiss in not including photos. Just to recap, when we came to Donald, we walked the bed of the Richardson River. The kids said ‘this looks like a river, so where’s the water?’

The Richardson backs onto itself so it creates an island. This island was lost, completely lost, by the time the rains had stopped. The Fish (photo below) lived on the island and most of the time you can even see where the poles went into the ground. It’s a good six feet up.

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This Is My Home

Here is an article that I had published in newspapers after the Victorian flooding about a year ago now (wow, time flies).

A quiet calm falls over the town of Donald, as the big machines powering the town for the last couple of days start going off one by one. The river had done its damage now. Power had been restored and now the town can think about cleaning up for the second time in four months.
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A Single Tear

A single tear is all I want to cry this year

A single tear for my boys this year

There, I’ve done it

I’ve cried that tear

Please let me move on

Merry Christmas Ben & Sam

My love for you both will

never fade or burn away

Some day I’ll be drinking with the seldom seen kids
(thanks to Elbow)

As writers we constantly seek that next bit of inspiration. If it was sold in bottles it would be easy to have a never ending source of the stuff, and would be the best-seller of all products available today I’m sure. I’d hazard a guess that it may even outsell McDonalds!

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A Bit of A Tad Williams Exclusive

I may have a bit of an exclusive next week. Mrs Tad, Tad Williams’ amazing wife, has let me know that I can publish one of Tad’s Christmas stories. On my blog. Can you believe that?

Tad Williams writing for me on my blog. What a great thought. Maybe not entirely true but, hey, we can all dream.

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I wonder sometimes if I’m going to make 50 years old. Sometimes I wonder if I want to. I’ve have an interested and varied life so far, but it is wearing.

My father was a rugged, robust man that commanded attention wherever he went, which left us children always in the background. I do not think that any of us ever stepped out of his shadow.

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