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365 / 40: Are Animals Necessary?

Is the continual fight to save endangered animals absolutely necessary? All the time and effort that is put into saving them seems hardly ever rewarded. Do these animals actually provide anything to the planet that is needed? What do pandas do? How about lions and tigers and bears? Oh my!

Or is it just a bunch of (insert expletive here) hippies looking for an excuse to fight? Or to get their heads on TV? Do these people have nothing better to do and nothing in their lives that they can run around the place trying to save every animal that is dying out? Is it all just some lame grab at their fifteen minutes of fame? Oh, I saved the fat-bellied sloth. Aren’t I great!!
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It’s All Quiet Today

Today is a contemplative day, looking at things I am used to and wondering when the next time that I see them will be. A day of what-ifs and whens. A day of being thankful for been given the chance. A day of believing that this is what is wanted of me.

There are stirrings, whispers, hushed conversations about this and that. Impacts of changes. What about this? What do we do about that? How? has been asked a lot as well. Then again, none of it matters until it happens.

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Do You Believe?

I have been wondering lately whether I believe in God or not. I had believed that I believe, which has changed my life for the better.

But last night my wife and I watched a film called Dogma. It was one we had both watched years before but had decided to watch again.

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