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My good friend, Laurence O’Bryan is reknowned as a puzzle master. Read his first book ‘The Istanbul Puzzle’ to find out. Recently I asked Laurence (or LOB as I call him) about using puzzles within his novels. He offered to write my a guest post about it.

In my mystery novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, Sean and Isabel discover a clue early on, a photograph of a mosaic. The mosaic is similar to the iconic Christian images of the Virgin & Child that are so well known all around the world. Here is an example from the Louvre museum in Paris. This is a copper plate believed to have been “taken” from Constantinople in 1204. “Looted” is probably what they meant:

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Stephen C. Ormsby has jumped to a new blog.
This is where you will find Author Interviews, Reviews and
updates for Stephen and his works as well.

Please do not fear – I still have lots of Interviews to go
and have more coming in each and every day,
but I have combined my efforts with Marieke, my beautiful
cover designing photographer muse.

Please join us at http://IdeasCaptured.com/Blog.
We also have a new Twitter name of @IdeasCaptured,
which I urge you to follow as well.

There you will also be able to view the wonderful photos Marieke has taken as well.

Over time, we will migrate all the Author Interviews and Reviews
on the IdeasCaptured blog, so they will not be lost!

I am moving blog homes!!

In the near future, I will be moving my blog over to a combined blog with my wife.  The new address will be http://ideascaptured.com/blog.  Please go and like me there.

What Happened to Me?

I have come to the realisation there has not been much about me on my own blog, so I am planning to rectify this.  There is news I promise, which I will list here for you:

  • the publication of Long Lost Song
  • the official book launch, which is Sunday 26 August
  • rehearsals for Dreamboats, our local theatre group’s new play, where I am going to be a teddy bear
  • my interview with Australian author Damien Broderick
  • maybe even some on my latest project entitle Treason of a Prince
  • even thinking about starting to do book reviews (do you have a book you would like me to read?)

So this will do for now, but there will be more regular updates from the owner of this blog.  The Author Interviews will still happen on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which leaves plenty of time for me to squeeze in there with some of my own stuff.

Have you all missed me?  Please leave me a comment.  It feels so long since I’d have some feedback about little old me!!

After my success at interviewing Kate Forsyth over two wonderful blog posts Part 1 here and Part 2 here (the second one helped me have my biggest day on my blog!), I asked her if she could think of some writerly friends that may be willing to being interviewed as well.  Over time, I hope to have a series of interviews from authors covering all corners of the worls.

Lucky for me, Kate tweeted some names for me.  I approached them and what you see below is a list of authors that I will be interviewing in the near future.

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Under the full moon – #190/365 freedom imagery.

Lovers In Arms

When you are in bed, have you ever wondered what do to with your arms? Do you put them beside you, under your head, stretched out in between?

I wrap mine around my love, my muse, my partner, my wife Marieke. One arm under her neck with my hand gently grasping her breast. The other over her chest to hold her shoulder. Drawing her into me to share my warmth with her. Keeping her safe and sound, keeping the demons from her dreams.
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Should I? Really?

Here I sit trying to work out if I can really keep my promise to a certain reader of publishing some writing that I have been doing. It is very dark stuff and goes places that I have little knowledge of. So I think for a while, deliberate, procrastinate and end up doing nothing.

It is hard to face this character – the places he has been, the things he thinks – but then again it has been written now. Maybe it should just stay where it is. Next thing to do is consult my muse. With all luck, she will be able to help me make a decision.

So, for now, Black Thoughts will remain in draft mode. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

I was lucky enough to be given a review copy of Eleven Seasons by Paul D Carter. It has just won the 2012 The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript by a writer under 35. There was a lot of buzz surrounding this book on Twitter just hours after it won, so I found myself intrigued.

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The imagery of Melbourne in the 80’s, especially being that football mad, brought back lots of memories. Being a Collingwood supporter (and as I found out later so is Paul), I remember the finals where we lost to the powerhouse teams of that decade.

This leads me on to the main character – a young boy named Jason. He is an avid Hawthorn fan at a time when they were dominant. He revels in the wins and knows, with all his heart and soul, he will be playing in that team alongside Dipper, Dermie, Tuckie and the Rat.
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Nothing Like Being Dared!!

Sheila Pierson has taken me to task about one of my blog posts. In Sharing Black Thoughts I stated that I may share some of the writing that I had been doing around a very dark and depressed character.

In a comment she posted on the original blog post, she basically said what am I scared of? After a moment of thought, I realised she was right. So starting tomorrow I am going to post some of the work I have been doing. If it appears that it has a readership then I may continue to keep blogging it.

It is called (R)evolving.