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Title: Oddkins
SubTitle: A Fable for All Ages
Publisher: Open Road Media
Imprint: Mel Parker Books
Pub Date: September 04, 2012
ISBN: 9781453265901
Author: Koontz, Dean
Category: FICTION – JUVENILE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic
Contributors: Created by: Christopher ZavisaIllustrated by: Phil Parks

Blockbuster author Dean Koontz’s first novel for young readers, a beautifully illustrated and visually stunning story about a magical band of living toys who learn to overcome the fears we all face in the dark

Toymaker Isaac Bodkins created the Oddkins, a group of living toys, for very special children who face difficulties in life and need true friends. There’s Amos, the brave stuffed bear; Skippy, the rabbit who dreams of being a superstar; Butterscotch, the gentle, floppy-eared pup; Burl the elephant; the wise and scholarly Gibbons; and Patch the cat. The Oddkins are given to children to inspire, support, and love them, especially during times of adversity. Only now, the toys themselves are the ones who need help.

Before he dies, Mr. Bodkins delivers a dire warning to Amos the bear: Watch out for an evil toymaker and his dangerous creations! Locked up in the dark sub-basement, another group of toys is climbing out of boxes and crates and coming to life as well. These bad toys—like Rex and Lizzie, the puppets with no strings; Gear, the vicious robot; and Stinger, the horrid buzzing bumblebee with his knife-sharp stinger—were made to hurt children, not help them. Leering, laughing, and deadly, they are let loose into the world by a terrifying force.

Frightening as it may be, the Oddkins must go on a journey to find Colleen Shannon, Mr. Bodkins’s chosen successor as a life-giving toymaker and the only person who can save them. The stormy night is perilous and the Oddkins face a danger that threatens not only their magic . . . but the magic in us all.

My Review:

I love this book. What else is there to say! Dean Koontz turns his impressive writing hand to pen his first children’s novel, and it is a beautiful, and somewhat scary at times, book. The illustrations suit the writing perfectly, giving it a stunning feel.

The story centres on toymaker Mr Bodkins and the toys he mkes and calls the Oddkins.  When the old toymaker dies, the oddkins journey on to to avoid being captured by the evil toymaker.  Now, any more words here would spoil it.

This story is for the kid in all of us. I must admit I am happy to see it reprinted as my original copy of this was misplaced. I know I will be buying this again.

My Rating:

5 toys out of 5

A Single Tear

A single tear is all I want to cry this year

A single tear for my boys this year

There, I’ve done it

I’ve cried that tear

Please let me move on

Merry Christmas Ben & Sam

My love for you both will

never fade or burn away

Some day I’ll be drinking with the seldom seen kids
(thanks to Elbow)

The Strength of Children

Recently, there was a young boy we know from our town that was in a very serious accident involving a lawn mower. The end result is that he lost most of his foot and spent almost a month in hospital for multiple surgeries.

Today his mother dropped in. Both my wife and I had been waiting to see her to just wish them all well. The first thing I noticed was how tired she was, but also how well she seemed to be. It has been a difficult time for that family but, as with all things, there is an end to the tragedy.

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Sustaining Happiness

Whilst we all proclaim we are happy, I find it difficult to sustain happiness. It appears that every emotion needs to be used in moderation, and as much as I want to be happy all the time it appears that I struggle to do it.

My life is good now. In fact very good now. We own our little shop that does okay, we have lots of regular visitors that like our shop and we have a great base to start from when we think about expanding. That is in comparison to just a few years ago where I felt trapped, lonely and alone.

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I can’t soar
like an eagle
but I’m sure
that I can be good
to you

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My New Kids

If you read my blog often enough, you would have probably noticed that I have two boys from a previous marriage that I do not see anymore. Sometimes even I have enough of thinking about them!

What you probably do not realise is that I also have two children from my new marriage and one slightly deranged cat. They play a huge part of my life now, so I would like to introduce you to them.
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