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The End (For Now)

I have been lucky enough over the last week (and with the help of my wife putting up with me) to get enough time to finally finish the novel that I have been working on for about 18 months. I started writing it when I was in a bad place, both physically and mentally, and completed it in a much better place.

It was meant to be a relatively small novel of just over that mark of 40,000 words. By the time I had finished the first draft, it was 50,000. And now with the finishing off of the second draft it has reached some 85,000 words. I hope, with some editing, that it may come down to the 80,000 word mark by the end of a read-through.

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Short Story Bit #1

I just found this, so I thought that I would share it!! So here goes:

Some Random Story Bit

Awake at 3am, I realise I feel like a person in a sanitarium who has just realised that his life is not his own. That the life he was leading was due to some dream state; that when he finally wakes up, he will find himself behind the bars again, trying to reimagine the dream that he had just woken from.
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