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The End (For Now)

I have been lucky enough over the last week (and with the help of my wife putting up with me) to get enough time to finally finish the novel that I have been working on for about 18 months. I started writing it when I was in a bad place, both physically and mentally, and completed it in a much better place.

It was meant to be a relatively small novel of just over that mark of 40,000 words. By the time I had finished the first draft, it was 50,000. And now with the finishing off of the second draft it has reached some 85,000 words. I hope, with some editing, that it may come down to the 80,000 word mark by the end of a read-through.

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Bible’s Revelations

For my book I have been doing a lot of Bible reading. The passages that impact on me the most are Revelations.

These stories tell of end times of the world. It is full of false messiahs and angels of death and plagues. Let me tell you these are some of the most vivid parts of the Bible.
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