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The Strength of Children

Recently, there was a young boy we know from our town that was in a very serious accident involving a lawn mower. The end result is that he lost most of his foot and spent almost a month in hospital for multiple surgeries.

Today his mother dropped in. Both my wife and I had been waiting to see her to just wish them all well. The first thing I noticed was how tired she was, but also how well she seemed to be. It has been a difficult time for that family but, as with all things, there is an end to the tragedy.

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Do You Believe?

I have been wondering lately whether I believe in God or not. I had believed that I believe, which has changed my life for the better.

But last night my wife and I watched a film called Dogma. It was one we had both watched years before but had decided to watch again.

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Bible’s Revelations

For my book I have been doing a lot of Bible reading. The passages that impact on me the most are Revelations.

These stories tell of end times of the world. It is full of false messiahs and angels of death and plagues. Let me tell you these are some of the most vivid parts of the Bible.
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Life’s Big Choices

How do we convey the choices we make to people and how to continue to demonstrate the conviction behind them?

As with everything, we have choices to make about where our life is going, how we shape that life, and where that shaping of that life should take place.

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