Being friends with authors has benefits as lately I was asked to read the ARC for John Abramowitz’s new book The Void. Firstly, let me say that I consider John a friend, but do not think that this will bias this review in any way. When I read a book I want the book to be good.

Fortunately for The Void, I found myself totally engrossed in the story of Alex and Moira within its opening pages. Having read Book 1 (Weaver) and enjoying it, I wondered whether Mr Abramowitz could carry the story into a second book.

Have no doubts on this score. It is captivating and compelling and weaves (oh so funny) a secondary, older storyline into the events with such ease. To read this, you do not need to have read the first book in the series but it will help to understand the context behind the goings on.

I do not want to say too much more about the story itself, as I think you will be as absorbed by it as I was. The writing is great and moves along at a very swift pace and you will find yourself hitting that page button almost too fast for you own liking. By the end of it, I only had one question – how long do I need to wait before the next one is out?

You can find John Abramowitz’s books on Amazon and Smashwords. Here is a link to John’s page on amazon.

He also has the onthebird blog. Look him up on Twitter as @onthebird. He’s a great guy.