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After my interview with the wonderful Kate Forsyth, I thought I would be cheeky and ask her if she would like to answer some MORE questions from me. Lo and behold, this fantastic author said yes. So, with much haste and not giving her a chance to change her mind, I emailed her my next set of questions.

One of the questions in here has the most amazing answer, but I will leave that one until last. So here goes with Part 2 of my Interview with Australian fantasy author Kate Forsyth.

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I remember reading my first Kate book way back in the late 90’s and finding her completely different to the more pedestrian fantasy around at that time. So I devoured the Witches series.

When I saw Kate’s name pop up on Twitter after a hashtag frenzy on #ThingsNotToSayToAWriter, I thought I would ask her if I could interview her. She agreed and I gushed for a couple of days then set down to the task of writing some questions.

Honestly, I expected the whole process to take many days, falling into weeks. But within 24 hours, I had words from Kate herself.
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