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Tad Williams’ new short story collection, A Stark And Wormy Knight, is available now, worldwide, as an ebook, $4.99 (or equivalent) for one month.

The following story is unique to this blog and a few others. Happy Holidays.

THE SUGARPLUM FAVOR (A Christmas Story) by Tad Williams

Danny Mendoza counted his change three times in while the teacher talked about what they were all supposed to bring for the class winter holiday party tomorrow. It was really a Christmas party, at least in Danny’s class, because that’s what all the kids’ families’ celebrated. Danny had his party contribution covered. He had volunteered to bring napkins and paper plates and cups because his family had some left over from his little brother’s birthday party with characters from Gabba Gabba Hey on them. He’d get teased about that, he knew, but he didn’t want to ask his mother to make something because she was so busy with his little brothers and the baby, and now that Danny’s stepfather Luis had lost his job they had a Money Situation. Danny could live with a little teasing.

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A Single Tear

A single tear is all I want to cry this year

A single tear for my boys this year

There, I’ve done it

I’ve cried that tear

Please let me move on

Merry Christmas Ben & Sam

My love for you both will

never fade or burn away

Some day I’ll be drinking with the seldom seen kids
(thanks to Elbow)

My New Kids

If you read my blog often enough, you would have probably noticed that I have two boys from a previous marriage that I do not see anymore. Sometimes even I have enough of thinking about them!

What you probably do not realise is that I also have two children from my new marriage and one slightly deranged cat. They play a huge part of my life now, so I would like to introduce you to them.
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