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I have only met Trent recently through a mutual friend of Martin Reaves.  Martin has done an interview with me and mentioned Trent Zelazny.  So I did a little investigating and found this Trent Zelazny, only to be amazed by what I found.

Trent is son of Roger Zelazny.  For me this was a bit of a big deal, as I enjoyed the Amber Chronicles.  What was more amazing, to me, was the sheer fact that Trent had lived through the loss of his girlfriend, which Trent will talk about more later.

I sent Trent my standard questions, but with the proviso that I could ask him some tougher questions (of which you will see later).  trent was very open about his past and did not knock back any of my questions, answering them overnight.

I will add to this before I let Trent have a go.  There are some great authors out there talking about Trent and how good he is.  To drop just two names here – Neil Gaiman and Joe R. Lansdale.

A little warning as well.  This post is over 3,500 words long, but more than worth the effort.

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Review: Riso

Title: Riso
SubTitle:  Undiscovered Rice Dishes of Northern Italy
Publisher:  Open Road
Imprint:  Open Road
Pub Date:  March 13, 2012
ISBN: 9781453246276
Author:  Vitale, Gioietta

Marketing Copy:

One hundred quick and simple rice recipes capturing the flavor and excitement of traditional Italian cooking

From soups and salads to risottos and desserts, Gioietta Vitale presents the best of northern Italy’s rice-based specialties. Illustrated with line  drawings and filled with tips on ingredients, techniques, and even the  perfect wine to go with each dish, Riso is a comprehensive guide to rice by a master of Italian cuisine.

My Review:

I have to say I love cooking. I enjoy the inventiveness of being able to throw food together and for it to come out tasting pretty good. Also, I have a wife and two children who enjoy my cooking. For me, I can not ask for much more than that.

So when I saw a cooking book pop up for review, I just had to have a look. Italian food is one of the best and rice is one of the most versatile ingredients – ever!! So this looks like a perfect combination.

The book is presented well, but lacks pictures! I like being able to follow a recipe and have an idea of what it is going to look like when I am finished. This had none. Aside from that, the recipes do sound very interesting and are written in a nice, simple language that I think any good hubby could follow. The word of the day though is ‘doneness’. I have never tested my rice for doneness and I have cooked a bit of rice.

For a book specifically about rice, it covers the gamut of courses, being soups, mains and even desserts. All in all, a nice little cookbook.

My Rating:

3 chefs hats out of 5. (Would have got another chefs hat with pictures.)

My lovely wife, C With Nu Eyes, and I escaped South Gippsland for the weekend to St Kilda in Melbourne. I always look forward to our little escapades as we wonder around finding new places and trying new eateries.

This is one of my great loves – food.  New restaurants, old restaurants. I don’t care which, unless it’s one I haven’t tried before. In St Kilda, we managed to find streets loaded with new ones. Excitement abounds at the thought of trying to pick just one of them to eat in. Nevertheless, we manage it.
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She comes to me unbidden

in her naked-coloured pajamas.

As thin as onion skin

as strong as steel

But before the thin veil

comes off

You need to know her

for magic and mischief

for smiles and sensuality

Only then will she peel

to reveal

her love.

Lovers In Arms

When you are in bed, have you ever wondered what do to with your arms? Do you put them beside you, under your head, stretched out in between?

I wrap mine around my love, my muse, my partner, my wife Marieke. One arm under her neck with my hand gently grasping her breast. The other over her chest to hold her shoulder. Drawing her into me to share my warmth with her. Keeping her safe and sound, keeping the demons from her dreams.
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365 / 39: Some Photos

Today I am going to do something different and just give you a couple of my photos.

That is all. Some images that really work for me. I hope you enjoy.




365 / 2: My Sleeping Beauty

As I watch my sleeping beauty I realize the love I have for this incredible woman. I understand that my life would be very different without her. Very boring. Very non-existent. Without her I would work hard and have very little purpose to it. She helps me realize that life is for living. Live hard, not work hard.

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