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Title: Wastes of Space

Author: Darcy Town

Published: Self-Published – December 14th, 2011

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 142,000

Content Warning: Mature – language, sex, graphic violence, drug use/abuse, prostitution


In the early 21st century, the Cold War between the American and Chinese Empires slogs on in a stalemate. There’s a ceasefire in effect, but the peace is artificial—secretly enforced by an alien blockade that surrounds the planet. Earth is caught in a territory struggle between two warring factions: the Empire and the Resistance. Lacking harvestable talents, both groups classify Earthlings as Wasters.

Hidden among the Wasters is an alien girl with the power of moving spaceships. She teams up with Rake, a drug-addicted ex-Astronaut, to join an intergalactic war that Earth did not know existed…but first Rake has to realize he’s travelling with an alien to begin with.

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About the Author:

I earned a degree in Comparative Religion, so themes-wise that certainly pops up here and there in my writing (okay, more than a little here and there in some books).

I write what I enjoy reading/watching – which is fantasy/sci-fi with dark humor and a bit of romance. What I consider romance however is to some…a bit off (and kinked out). And when I say dark humor I mean black. But I always have lighthearted moments (I do not believe a story should be all one way or another). Gotta spice things up!

Speaking of…I like to write stories that cater to all sexual preferences in one story (as opposed to just writing gay/lesbian lit, etc). I have your typical male-female romances. I have male-male, female-female, transgender, bi-sexual, sub-dom, etc. This is mostly due to the fact that well…1. I like writing about it. 2. I see it in my everyday life. 3. I like having a well-rounded cast of characters from all walks of life.

I am the author of the Morningstar Trilogy and the Wastes Series.

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Giveaway Details:

There are ten (10) eBook copies and five (5) print copies of Wastes of Space (Book One). There are five (5) eBook copies and five (5) print copies of Wastes Away (Book Two) and also five (5) eBook copies and five (5) print copies of Waste Not, Want Not (Book Three). The eBooks are International. The print books are US and Canada only!

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Synopsis for Wastes Away – Book Two:

…A split second later in the same galaxy as before, but pretty far away…

Rake and Ravil have escaped Earth and the Empire, towing the rest of their friends and new allies with them. They flee to an abandoned Empire colony known only as Seed Planet 15.

Out of fuel and common sense, they crash and nearly wreck their ship, stranding them in the middle of a seemingly endless swamp. On first glance the place looks mostly harmless, but what they’ve landed on is anything but. Seed Planet 15 has a nasty history.

The planet has more hidden in the mist than just ghosts and rumors. And if the crew doesn’t get off the planet soon, there will be nothing left of them but spare parts and a rusted ship.

Synopsis for Waste Not, Want Not – Book Three:

Barely making it off Seed Planet Fifteen with their lives, Rake and the crew are content to hang out and lick their wounds for a while, if it weren’t for the fried wiring and Stalker damage that have left the ship prone to reoccurring blackouts.

Needing supplies for repairs, the crew decides the best course of action is to raid abandoned Ampyr outposts for gear. Smart, no foreseeable problems there. Except one of the outposts they hit isn’t empty, Lincoln’s personality issues are getting worse, food is going missing, and their Rexos is about to hit puberty and apparently that’s accompanied by uncontrollable rages. As if that wasn’t enough bad news, there seems to be a sentient black hole chasing down Ravil and attempting to eat her.

But not to worry, Danny’s reforming their squad and apparently ranking still flies out in space. No more messing around, things are getting serious. At least seriously screwed up.

Kurt Vonnegut: Letters

Kurt Vonnegut (edited and with an introduction by Dan Wakefield)
Random House Publishing Group
      Delacorte Press

Pub Date                Oct 30 2012

This extraordinary collection of personal correspondence has all the hallmarks of Kurt Vonnegut’s fiction. Written over a sixty-year period, these letters, the vast majority of them never before published, are funny, moving, and full of the same uncanny wisdom that has endeared his work to readers worldwide.Included in this comprehensive volume: the letter a twenty-two-year-old Vonnegut wrote home immediately upon being freed from a German POW camp, recounting the ghastly firebombing of Dresden that would be the subject of his masterpiece Slaughterhouse-Five;wry dispatches from Vonnegut’s years as a struggling writer slowly finding an audience and then dealing with sudden international fame in middle age; righteously angry letters of protest to local school boards that tried to ban his work; intimate remembrances penned to high school classmates, fellow veterans, friends, and family; and letters of commiseration and encouragement to such contemporaries as Gail Godwin, G�nter Grass, and Bernard Malamud.

Is there anyone who has helped or mentored you in your writing career? If so, who?

Now this is a fertile field for study.   I would lump these folks into three categories.

First, I would like to comment on those folks who helped me by virtue of how I fell in love with their work.  I have mentioned in other places that my love of SF started in childhood.  I suspect that is one reason my approach to it is a very visual one.  I shivered as I watched Johnny Quest evade the howling invisible monster, or Tobor the Eigthman, Astroboy and Marineboy battle futuristic enemies.  I watched Fireball 5 hurtle down the skids to her missions in space.  Anime inspired me because where the American SF material was simplistic and exterior driven, the Japanese anime characters had family conflicts, personal tragedy and emotional turmoil.  The young officer might not worship his “Captain Kirk” but rather as Derek Wildstar did, might reject Captain Argo’s authority.  A whole emotional level of loss, longing and love existed as subtext largely, if not entirely, absent from the American material.

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Title: Was Once A Hero
Author: Edward McKeown
Published: Hellfire Publishing – January 2012
Word Count: 78,000
Genre: Sci-Fi

Reluctant privateer Robert Fenaday searches the stars for his lost love, Lisa, a naval intelligence officer whose ship disappeared near the end of the Conchirri War . He’s joined by the genetically engineered assassin, Shasti Rainhell, whose cold perfection masks her dark past. Both are blackmailed by government spymaster, Mandela, into a suicidal mission to the doomed planet Enshar. Leading a team of scientists and soldiers, they must unravel the mystery of that planet’s death before an ancient force reaches out to claim their lives.

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“What’s our status on ground troops?” he asked, adjusting his breather and zipping his leather jacket. It was bitterly cold in the ship’s shadow.
“Pickings have been better than I expected,” she said, putting Johan out of her mind. “With the war over, the economy lousy, there are lots of hard cases available: LURPS, Commandos, and Air Space Assault Team troops. Mars seems full of people with little concern for life and hungry for money.” Shasti knew the type too well, having been raised from childhood as an assassin in the Denshi Order on Olympia. She’d developed an eye for the good, for the ones putting up a front and for the plain crazy. She made her picks, hoping she read people—standard humans as she thought of them—correctly.
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I met Susan through Twitter and we became quick friends.  She sent DMs signed off with Sooz, which still makes me laugh.  I have held on to this interview for a little while as she mentioned she would be publishing a new book.  With the book release imminent, I think it’s time to publish the interview.

Oh, the new book is called The Dating Game.  I have included the blurb towards the end of the interview.   Over to you, Sooz.

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It was my birthday on Wednesday and I got lots of wonderful comments on Facebook.  I want to keep the party going so I’d like to celebrate by giving you a 25% off present. Up until Halloween, Long Lost Song is only $2.99 at Smashwords. Leftovers from the (Writing) Table is only $1.75 at Smashwords.

Show this author some love for his birthday!

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Yes, you read it right – I have freebies to giveaway today.  To win them, all you need to do is leave a comment on what has been your favourite Author Interview so far.

Thanks to the fabulous Allen & Unwin, I have 5 proof copies of Kate Morton’s latest novel, The Secret Keeper.  These are not available in Australia until November.   Kate Morton is the highly acclaimed author of books such as The Forgotten Garden, The House At Riverton and The Distant Hours.

I have 5 proof copies of this new book to give away to my blog readers (Australian residents only please due to the fact that it’s from the Aussie publisher).  Remember, I only have 5 but will keep this open until they have all gone.

All you need to do is tell me which interview you have nejoyed most and why.  If I choose you, I will get your mailing details and, just like that, you will have your own copy of this book.

Christina Worrell is a multi-genre author of both prose and poetry.  It is fascinating stuff to read.  I offered Christina Worell an interview after her recent book release, which she readily agreed to.

Here’s a thing you may not know about Christina.  She has a son, nicknamed Super D, who has autism and ADHD.  He wants to grow up to be a super hero, which I think is a grand ambition and one he should be able to achieve.  Christina accepts donations for Super D through her webite, but is also running an Autism Auction right now.  https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/440316396014195/  Please check it out and help if you can.

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As you may know, I recently interviewed Ashley Fontainne. Here’s a link:  Author Interview Special Edition – Ashley Fontainne (updated).  Even after that, I still seem to be in her good books, as she has let me in on a little secret.  (I suppose it will not be much of a secret after this though.)

Hot Off the Press from Ashley:

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If you read this interview, then read it very carefully!  There is something in the words that might just take your notice.  We all know that Laurence likes his puzzles, so there is even a very simple one in here.

Laurence O’Bryan starting writing late, or at least published late.  His first book The Instanbul Puzzle has hit the market in a huge way, and has already been sold for translation in 9 languages.  This book if the first of a trilogy, which I am very much looking forward to.  There is not long to wait for the second book as it will be released early next year.

The puzzle within the first book is deep and complex, and will keep you reading until the end.  If you do solve it, you can post your answer of LOB’s page – http://lpobryan.com/did-you-solve-the-puzzle/

Here is the interview – don’t forget to read carefully:

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