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Well, here we go again. Poor Melbournians being told that their public transport system does not live up to expectations. You may have noticed that I said Melbournians – that is due to the fact that the Victorian public transport system does not service the whole of Victoria.

We in the country struggle to see a train that is not a grain carrier. We have to travel to a town that is at least 100 kilometres away. But that is not the point of this article. Maybe some other time!

Metro, Melbourne’s newest public transport company, has been deceiving the people that pay their wages. They have been fudging their figures to look better than they are, which probably also means getting out of huge fines for not meeting delivery targets.
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365 / 41: Tagged and Bagged

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology uses radio waves to transfer data between a tag and a reader. Its main use at the moment is to track movement of assets by giving each item its own unique identifying number. This is not limited to a number of records, as it is possible to give every object in the world its own identifying number.

This technology allows companies to track stock – each and every stock item – that sells from a department store, allowing them to work out their demographics for all products.

Imagine this technology being used in humans. Imagine every movement you make is tracked and recorded. Imagine that there was software that could trend your movements and predict where you would be and when you would go there. I know there is as I used to build and write software that would do this for an international company that had gone through the process of putting RFID tags on all products.
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365 / 40: Are Animals Necessary?

Is the continual fight to save endangered animals absolutely necessary? All the time and effort that is put into saving them seems hardly ever rewarded. Do these animals actually provide anything to the planet that is needed? What do pandas do? How about lions and tigers and bears? Oh my!

Or is it just a bunch of (insert expletive here) hippies looking for an excuse to fight? Or to get their heads on TV? Do these people have nothing better to do and nothing in their lives that they can run around the place trying to save every animal that is dying out? Is it all just some lame grab at their fifteen minutes of fame? Oh, I saved the fat-bellied sloth. Aren’t I great!!
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365 / 39: Some Photos

Today I am going to do something different and just give you a couple of my photos.

That is all. Some images that really work for me. I hope you enjoy.




Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby hand in my resignation from the position of President of the Grumpies Emotion Association. This is mainly due to not wanting to fulfill and live up to the rigid requirements of said position.

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