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I met Susan through Twitter and we became quick friends.  She sent DMs signed off with Sooz, which still makes me laugh.  I have held on to this interview for a little while as she mentioned she would be publishing a new book.  With the book release imminent, I think it’s time to publish the interview.

Oh, the new book is called The Dating Game.  I have included the blurb towards the end of the interview.   Over to you, Sooz.

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Given the amount of Author Interviews I am now doing, I have decided to compile them all into one table.  This includes the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday series.  My, oh my, there are a few here now.

I also have the honour of announcing yet another interview that is not on the table below.  I have interviewed Tad Williams asking him all about his new series of books – The Dirty Streets of Heaven or the Bobby Dollar series.  This will be published on 20 August.

So on with the FULL schedule of Authors.  I do not promise that this will not continue to grow in the future.  As it is, today I got K. W. Jeter to agree to an interview.

If you have a favourite author that I have not featured as yet, please let me know and I will try to contact them.

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She comes to me unbidden

in her naked-coloured pajamas.

As thin as onion skin

as strong as steel

But before the thin veil

comes off

You need to know her

for magic and mischief

for smiles and sensuality

Only then will she peel

to reveal

her love.

Should I? Really?

Here I sit trying to work out if I can really keep my promise to a certain reader of publishing some writing that I have been doing. It is very dark stuff and goes places that I have little knowledge of. So I think for a while, deliberate, procrastinate and end up doing nothing.

It is hard to face this character – the places he has been, the things he thinks – but then again it has been written now. Maybe it should just stay where it is. Next thing to do is consult my muse. With all luck, she will be able to help me make a decision.

So, for now, Black Thoughts will remain in draft mode. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Nothing Like Being Dared!!

Sheila Pierson has taken me to task about one of my blog posts. In Sharing Black Thoughts I stated that I may share some of the writing that I had been doing around a very dark and depressed character.

In a comment she posted on the original blog post, she basically said what am I scared of? After a moment of thought, I realised she was right. So starting tomorrow I am going to post some of the work I have been doing. If it appears that it has a readership then I may continue to keep blogging it.

It is called (R)evolving.

Living In A Mushroom

Whilst on our way to pick up the kids from school, I saw three little conjoined, orange mushrooms. It got me to thinking rather quickly about whether little people live in those little mushrooms. A quirky little family of creatures that could fit in mushrooms obviously and their adventures they might have. (And if I see any children’s books around this topic in the near future I will blame you all. Consider it now copyrighted (!) to me.)

It comes from the concept of writing a play. Recently I found I had the capacity to write a small one act play and realised I enjoyed it even though the topic was interesting. The local drama group has a copy and keeps threatening to do a reading of it, which I still fear. Still then though, I have been thinking about writing a bigger, longer play with some cast and even some sets. So I have been thinking about a subject.
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Sharing Black Thoughts

Recently, I have been writing very dark and depressing stuff. Over the next couple of blogs I might share some of it with you. It seems to be coming from a depressed character but I have no idea what to do with the words that he tells me. I struggle to see how anybody would connect with such a character and what readability there is in it.

To some degree, and on an unfortunate angle, some of them originate from me and my state of mind lately but being a writer, it all turns a lot darker, a lot more morbid. I hesitate to think they are all coming from me, as I do not want to admit that the depression might be that bad.
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A Fly’s Agony

Flys. I dislike them. Most people dislike them; I would guess. And as you would, I spray them with a fly spray.
But do you ever think of what the fly must go through after that lethal dose of whatever brand of fly spray you use? Have you ever followed it around the house as it flys trying to get that shit off its back and wings and head and wherever else it is? Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be covered head to toe in a substance much like acid that you can not get off no matter what you do.
Obviously, I did, and I followed this poor fly around my apartment. But let me start at the start.
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Listening and watching commercial music has become a very boring thing to do these days. Each song sounds and looks like the one before it and, most likely, the next one will sound and look like the previous. So what has happened to originality in music?

With the global broader music industry reportedly worth $130 Billion dollars (US currency) in 2006, there has been a steady decline in the sector. Some indications are that the market will drop in value by somewhere between $6 to $10 Billion dollars.
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We are told that we need to combat pollution every day. Do this, do that. Do not destroy the ozone layer any more than it already destroyed. Recycle, reuse etc. Trade, give away and share as much as possible. But….

But is the collapse of the environment the fault of the 20th century? We now have to do all the repair work for it given that land, air and water pollution is destroying the planet than anyone could have guessed. There are still people out there that claim that the exhaust from cars is the number one contributor. Should we go back in time a little to see if we can find other points in history where we have cared less for this plane?
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