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What can be said about K. W. Jeter.  He blew me away in the 80’s and through the 90’s with some of the best science fiction/cyperpunk/steampuck that I have read.  I waited for each new Jeter book, and was rewarded with a book I knew I would enjoy.  He wrote sequels to Blade Runner, which were brilliant.  Then a little Star Trek and Star Wars.  But then he stopped writing – just literally disappeared.

There was a gap of some ten years before we saw a new release with ‘The Kingdom of Shadows’.  There is even a sequel of Infernal Devices coming up, but I’ll let K. W. mention that.

K. W. blew me away by agreeing do to an interview.  It did not take me long to shoot some questions through.  I think it took him shorter to return them to me.

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Damien Broderick is hard to categorise. Do not get me wrong – he is a hardcore science fiction author that loves his time loops, but I had this opinion of him for being irascible. So when I approached him about doing an Author Interview, I was not really surprised when I got as a reply the following:

“Stephen, the main trouble with your “interview” format is that the “inter-” part is missing. When you send an identical list of questions to many different writers without allowing them to seek and get responses from you as well–process that would probably modify your subsequent questions–all you’ve got is an interrogation, not a conversation.”

So, right off the bat, I knew I was going to have to work harder for this one. Sitting and thinking about how to approach this particular problem, I responded with “I have taken your comments on board and I will write another set of questions that contain more “inter”.” Somewhat surprised, I received a response from Damien relatively (I can almost hear Damien saying ‘what is relative?’) quickly – “I think it’s more a matter of exchanging emails, so that my responses can modify your next question, and vice versa. Such is the virtue of the internet. Admittedly, it does stretch the process out.”

That is where we pick this up. Finally I had an idea of how to start this conversation. The following is the correspondence of 15 emails word for word.  This is a long blog post coming in at over 3,000 words.  Be prepared.

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365 / 9: The 365 Story Part 3

Special thanks to CWithNuEyes for the additional elements of cliff and collections. The page The 365 Story – In Development has been updated with Part 2 (and now stands at 704 words).

And here we go:

The 365 Story Part 3
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