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What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

Taking breaks, coffee, and having multiple projects.  Those three things keep me sane.

Taking breaks is key to staying normal.  As a author, I do not want to be burnt out on writing, because it can happen and if it does, I’ll have dry spells that can go on for a long time (weeks to months).  If I miss out on taking breaks, I also find that I tend to be book-oriented at all times.  Take a walk with my sister for example.

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As part of her amazing book tour, Darcy Town has agreed to let me publish an excerpt from her novel ‘Wastes of Space’.  There is a rafflecopter giveaway as well.  Check it out here Wastes of Space by Darcy Town Book Tour.  Here’s the excerpt:


A howl from outside the building woke Ravil up.  Her eyes shot open as goose bumps raced across her skin.  She reached for Rake, but her hands slipped through air.  Another howl came louder than the last, followed by a faint scream.  She stared at her empty outstretched hand as the realization set in—he’d abandoned her.

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