After a long absence I am back to my blog. Here’s hoping that I still have my little audience out there!!

To explain my sudden departure. A project that took up much too much time needed to be done – unfortunately it had nothing to do with writing – and then I battled the black dog a little. I am on the mend and here’s hoping to a clearer future.

Soon I hope to start putting up pieces of my two new stories up here. They are Long Lost Song and Aristotle’s Algorithm, and if all goes well will see publication this year. If I get off my bum, I might even get them done before half the year is gone.

There is even a couple of short stories that I am considering as well. If any of you wonderful folk would like a look at those before I publish them, please let me know and I might be willing to share them with you.

I might even dig out Charlie and see if I can finish this blos story as well. Any new ides for Charlie? The 365 Story page is still up even though the story has not chnged in a while. Feel free to throw stuff at me for that.

All in all, lots of fun stuff happening.

I am thinking that I might share more of my favourite photos with you. What would you say about that? Let me know if you are on still out there. Please. It would be good to hear I have blog friends still.